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This website is a gallery of David Sutherland’s beautiful and colourful calligraphy. It demonstrates a wide range of possible uses of the artform and seeks commissions for new works.
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David Sutherland is an experienced Calligrapher living and working in Troon, Ayrshire, just south of Glasgow in the West of Scotland. The art form is a satisfying extension of David's fine motor skills, honed during his training and service as a dental surgeon. He has undertaken many commissions, including an important one for the twinning of Troon with Villeneuve-sur-Lot, in France, where his scrolls, in the appropriate language, hang in both Town Halls. Other commissions include work honouring local members of Rotary International and an "international challenge" scroll for members of a well-known Scottish Curling Club. Biblical and other Christian texts are an important source of material and inspiration and major pieces hang in both his own church and in other places of worship. Some of David's commissions are for individuals to use as gifts, including his popular Monogram work using intertwined initials to mark a wedding, a birthday, a retirement or some such personal occasion. He also creates work for his own portfolio, the stimulus often being an interesting, amusing or unusual piece of text seen somewhere. He he has often led a series of evening classes for beginners in calligraphy and has encouraged some fine talent among his pupils over the years.

CALLIGRAPHY is the art form of penmanship, using letters for their decorative properties without disguising the meaning of the chosen text. It is often associated with ILLUMINATION which is the ancient skill of artistic enhancement of the letters - a form seen at its best in famous works such as The Book of Kells or The Lindisfarne Gospels. A successful piece of calligraphy should have an intrinsic beauty involving design, balance, use of colour tones, etc., but should be clearly readable either in close up, as in the case of a deed, scroll or certificate, or, with bolder works, from a normal art-viewing distance.

MONOGRAMS are single works of art involving intertwined initials - although, technically a monogram should have a single element common to more than one letter; simple interwoven initials should be called a "cipher". The latter are probably more common as not all combinations of letters can have a single common element. This web-site does not discriminate - art and design predominate at all times!

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